Viktor and Larisa Nahurnyi from Polohy village (Zaporizhzhia oblast) own a pottery workshop 'Dobra Hlyna'. The raw material is local white clay. Earlier they used to make pottery on throwing wheel but when the demand for their works grew they started using plaster molds.

'We fill the molds with white clay. The pottery must dry for a while in the mold. Then we take it out, dip into red clay and paint with Italian glazes or enamels. Then they go to the furnace and undergo burning process at 1200 degrees for four hours. Then we need to wait for 24 hours for the pottery to cool. So the process takes about a week', Larisa tells.

Finally, one gets fire-resistant dishware that can be put in oven or microwave.

Participation at international exhibition Bazaar Berlin 2014 was a big push for the masters to enter European market. Ukrainian masters plan to astonish European customers with high quality of worf and creative approach.

'We started looking for something traditional for Greece. We found out that very big turtles live in the Aegean Sea, close to the Cyprus. So we made a small souvenir and drew images of the island on it', Viktor explains.

Since now their pottery, mainly watches, lanterns and turtles, will be sold in Greece.

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