Zakarpattia Oblast starts growing shiitake mushrooms


In the village of Kontsove, Uzhhorod district, Zakarpattia Oblast, the Nature Green mushroom farm launched growing shiitake mushrooms.

The company plans to grow more than 200 tons of shiitake every month. The retail cost of 1 kg shiitake is about UAH 250. The mushrooms are planned to be sold both locally and internationally.

Apart from excellent taste, shiitake mushroom has healing properties. Thus, it can be used as an antiviral and anti-inflammatory drug, and as a blood pressure stabilizer. Recent studies have shown that shiitake fungus can prevent cancer as well.

However, the farm intends to go further in its production plans, such as growing other exotic mushrooms: Pom-pom (Lion's mane), Shimeji and Eringii.

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