Since 2010 to 2012 more than 20 artists (among them 10-14 y.o. kids) have graduated from underwater painting school Art Gallery Katran.

In 2011 professional diving organization PADI registered special training underwater painting course PADI Underwater Painting Diver developed by Kyiv Diving Centre Katran. On graduating from this school one can receive international certificate and be able to create underwater art.

Students of PADI Underwater Painting Diver usually take three theoretical classes to learn basics of drawing, composition, perspective, colour, light, skills of working with paints and tools of underwater painting. Then students work on oil etudes on land and just after they are allowed to create underwater etudes. To create underwater etudes artists use oils and their canvas is treated with special base. One of the main underwater painting requirements is that artist must be underwater (in pool, sea, ocean, river, lake) and paint objects from life. At the moment more than 200 paintings were created by underwater students and their teaches.

In summer underwater painting school Art Gallery Katran is based in Crimea (Miskhor), in other seasons lessons are available in Kyiv dive centre Katran. Besides painting school Art Gallery Katran has been realizing Let’s Preserve Historical Underwater Heritage project. The objective of the project is to eternalize on canvas sunken monuments damaged by water and to call people’s attention to these objects. In future they plan to paint not just sunken vessels, but the whole snken cities.

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