WOG Cafe wins two Private Label-2019 Business Award Nominations


According to the official press-release, WOG CAFÉ (WOG company’s affiliated brand) won two Private Label-2019 National Awards nominations. The award ceremony was held at the 11th All-Ukrainian Private Label-2019 Practical Conference: Retailer and Supplier Synergy Formula. The event was originated and organized by TradeMaster Group, a B2B media group.

WOG CAFE received awards in nominations 'Brand Recognition' and 'Best Private Label Project of the Year'.

'Our leadership in two nominations of the country's most prestigious business awards is a very important event. It is a genuine recognition of the company’s successful progress in this field by both consumers and the market players in general. We will continue to develop and improve our products because such a high evaluation gives us energy and enthusiasm to work even more and even better. Surely, we will continue to satisfy our customers’ needs by offering them quality and original products of our brand. We hope to retain leadership in this field in the future', Maxym Piatakov, WOG CAFE Director of Catering, says.

The ultimate coffee helped WOG CAFE win 'Brand Recognition' nomination. It is a key element of 'The Most Coffee Coffee' (the ultimate coffee) project which has been successfully running since 2014. The ultimate coffee is a unique blend of selected coffee beans that is are ideal for making espresso and espresso-based drinks.

'Private Label-2019' major award, a victory in 'Best Private Label Project of the Year' nomination, was given to the DRIP COFFEE project, WOG CAFÉ’s showcase in Intercity+ high-speed trains. In the drip coffee technology, hot water is poured through a layer of coffee contained in an individual filter.

Private Label is an international annual practical meetup. It allows private label brand departments of retail and supplier companies to start and/or continue collaboration, identify strategies and steps for effective business development.
The event was originated and hosted by TradeMaster Group, a B2B media group.
The Private Label-2019 National Award is the business award that highlights achievements of manufacturers and retail chains in development of private label brands and in cooperation between retailers and suppliers. It is awarded in the following nominations: '
The Best Private Label Project', 'Contribution to the Development of theProduct Category', 'The Dynamics of the Private Label Brand Development', 'Brand Recognition', 'Innovation of the Year', 'The Most Effective Private Label Brand', 'The Best Terms of Cooperation'.

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