'Once I made varenyks for lunch for my friends, took a photo and posted in Facebook. This was the way my business started'

25-years-old Oksana Umantsiv from Ivano-Frankivsk sells Ukrainian food through Facebook in Paris. Her dishes have been ordered both by Ukrainians and the French as well. The locals even ask why there are no Ukrainian fast-food cafes in the city.

As Oksana says there are several restaurants in Paris where one can try Ukrainian dishes. However, there was no opportunity to order home-made Ukrainian food before. In Paris Ukrainian professional cooks mostly cook for receptions or weddings.

Oksana’s menu includes:

- Varenyky with potato, cottage cheese, cabbage, mushrooms, fish, and sweet varenyky with cherries, apples, poppy and halva. The price is €6 for 50 pics;

- 12 rice holubtsi (cabbage rolls) - €6, meat holubtsi - €8;

- deruny (potatoe pancakes) with cheese and mushroom gravy (10 pcs) - €8;

- stuffed bell pepper is €1/pcs, the same price for 100 g of salo;

- crepes with julienne, chicken and mushrooms - €1/pcs;

- chicken rolls with dried apricots and spinach - €3/pcs;

- pork rolls with mushrooms and prunes (5 pcs) - €6;

- chenakhy (meat, beans, potato, carrot, onion, dried mushrooms) €15/ 1L.

The menu is being updated.

Oksana cooks her dishes and deliver heself, 'Sometimes I cook until 3-4am to complete the order'.

The girl is very proud of promoting Ukraine through her dishes and plans to return to Ukraine once.

The menu can be found in Facebook-group.

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