Ukrainian Oleksandr Sushytskiy opened Ukrainian cuisine restaurant 'Salo in Shanghai'.

Oleksandr and his wife Alina moved to China in 2008. For three years they had been working as English language teachers in Zhejiang province. Later they decided to try themselves in something else besides teaching. They tried their luck in restaurant business.

'We are from Ukraine and we decided to open something that reminds Ukraine. At that time there was no Ukrainian restaurant in China (except Hong Kong). So we decided to be the first. Ukrainian cuisine was not in demand there as Chinese people are very fixed to their own food. However, due to unusual place and unusual location (Thames Town attracts a lot of tourists) many people were curious how Ukrainian meals taste', Oleksandr comments.

At the very beginning Ukrainians were lucky: the location didn’t require a lot of improvements, they just bought furniture and decorations. All paperwork and location arrangement expenses were about USD 35,000. Location rental is USD 2,000 per month. Despite all challenges Oleksandr and Alina managed to finish their first year with positive balance. Now their business is going pretty well.

'We wanted our guests to feel like at home, that’s why the first and the second floor are designed as a living room. The bar in the basement is made in West European style and the terrace is painted in yellow and blue', the owners tell.

The menu is not very diverse yet: borsch, mashed potato, cutlets, crepes, varenyky, pelmeni, and, of course, salo. National beverages are kvas and beer, for deserts the guests are offered cakes and ice-cream.

The restaurant staff is Oleksandr’s family: Oleksandr himself and Alina attend customers, and his brother Denys and his girlfriend Kateryna cook.

In high season (from April to November) the owners usually hire some local employees.

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