UKRAINIANS' interest to domestic vacation has been growing


Google Ukrainian office has collected and analyzed all the requests on summer vacations for the last few months.

Among 10 most popular tourist destinations, often searched online, six ones are located in Ukraine.

The rating includes:

1. Turkey
2. Carpathians
3. Bulgaria
4. Berdiansk (Zaporizhzhia Oblast)
5. Odesa
6. Zatoka (Odesa Oblast)
7. Kyrylivka (Zaporizhzhia Oblast)
8. Egypt
9. The Sea of ​​Azov
10. Georgia

The office analysts also checked TOP-destinations that have been looked for by online users more and more for the latest period. They are: 

1. Skadovsk (Kherson Oblast)
2. Kyrylivka (Zaporizhzhia Oblast)
3. Koblevo (Mykolaiv Oblast)
4. Henichesk (Kherson Oblast)
5. Turkey
6. Sedov (Donetsk Oblast)
7. Zaliznyi Port (Kherson Oblast)
8. Zatoka (Odesa Oblast)
9. Berdsansk (Zaporizhzhia Oblast)
10. Sea of ​​Azov

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