Iryna Antonova from Makiivka (Donetsk Region) creates unique 3D pictures of clay.

About 20 years ago Iryna has started creating this works of arts. Now her collection includes more than 300 works.

'I use self-made wooden boxes for the basis of my pictures. All pictures characters and accessories I make of clay adding some wood and fabrics. Every picture requires about 50 details. Fabricated accessories I dry in a usual oven, then paint and mount on the picture', Iryna sayss.

Most of Iryna’s pictures portray Ukrainian and Russian feasts, life of Cossacks. There is even one very interesting pictures series of famous Ukrainian and Russian movies characters.

The most complicated and unique Iryna’s work is Christmas picture which is now kept in St.Nicholas the Wonderworker Cathedral. The author had been working more than 6 months at it. Picture’s dimensions are 75x55 cm with 20 cm depth. Iryna’s art is well-known not just in Donetsk region but also in other countries (especially the one with Ukrainian colour). The price of the picture is from $100 up to $1000 depending on its complexity.

'I never fight for the price. If someone does like my work and has no money, I can give it for free. But I always warn people to drive a very good nail to hang the picture, as some of my works can weight several kilos', Iryna comments.

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