Developers of 'Quantum Electric' company presented a new electric heating panel which can save you money and cure you at the same time.

At first the device had been developed to prevent upper airway diseases, however, a new way of heating energy generating was discovered. It based on using to full the advantage of heat flow of infrared radiation within the human favorable range. The device itself and all completing parts are made in Ukraine.

The panel consumes 23 times less electric energy than classical spiral heaters, and holds heat long after it is turned off, 'Energy consumption in Ukraine is 2.7 times higher than average energy consumption in European countries. For example, Poland consumes just 16 billion cubic meters of natural gas (Ukraine consumes about 40 billiards cubic meters of natural gas, where 18-20 billions are used for satisfying such need as heating, water heating and cooking). According to our calculations, due to using 'Quantum Electric' technologies gas consumption in Ukraine can be reduced by 5 billion cubic meters and save about UAH 35 billion a year. If we gain government support, in two years Ukraine can recover from natural gas dependence', Serhiy Petrov, thermal engineer and device inventor, mentioned.

The device uniqueness is that it has no heaters or cables inside. Moreover, the panel has no magnetic radiation, it works within the range of human body magnetic radiation, thus it doesn't dry but heat water molecules in air providing optimum moister content.

The panel efficiency is approved by technical university of Kosice (Slovakia) where the device has been tested. In 2016 EU plans to allocate EURO 2 million for improvement and arrangements. The Germans and the Chinese are interested in this device but our scientists want to produce and sell it in Ukraine first.

The panel has already received some patents from Ukrainian Center of Independent Expert Researches 'Ukrespertiza', Ukrainian State Sanitation and Epidemiological Center etc.

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