Ukrainian cake wins international competition in Warsaw


The cake made by a coffee-confectionery 'Lihuminka' won the international cake competition held in Warsaw. 13 teams competed for the grand prize.

'Our national cake conveys all the beauty of Ukrainians, feature our traditions and customs, sincerity and purity of true Ukrainian soul!' - FB-page of the confectionery says.

All the cakes were evaluated on 1600 criteria; the idea, theme and complexity of cake shape were among of them.

The jury (8 best confectioners from around the world) also took into account techniques of decoration. The Ukrainian cake involved 12 complex techniques and caramel processes.

Janusz Profus (Pastry Chef of the famous European 'Wedel' existing for more than 160 years) admitted that the Ukrainian cake had been the best competition work among all contests that he had ever judged.

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