UKRAINIAN startup to make Dubai more energy-efficient


From September to December, 2016 Ecoisme Ukrainian startup underwent Dubai Future Accellerator program. Out of 2,400 candidates 30 accelerators were selected. The startups represented seven directions such as education, medicine, police, municipalities, businesses, infrastructure and energy.

Ecoisme signed an agreement with the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), energy direction.

'We are pleased to sign an agreement with Ecoisme because by uniting our efforts we can improve the efficiency of the residents of Dubai and make our department more open to dialogue', Saeed Al Thayer, the DEWA chairman, says.

Ecoisme will start working in 2017. As Ivan Pasichnyk, Ecoisme CEO startup, the team has started negotiations with the local energy efficient companies, on January,5 collection of orders for sensors will launch.

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