Two modern schools (№128 and №141) have been opened in Kyiv.

After the reconstruction school №128 has an area of 14.300 sq.m. and can hold 930 pupils; classrooms are equipped with modern technologies, furniture and equipment.

The school building is heat-insulated, has energy-saving windows, modern ventilation, heating, electricity supply, water supply, drain, fire safety systems, video monitoring and security alarm. The school is also equipped with local computer network, lingaphone class and interactive boards. It disposes athletics field, mini-football field with artificial covering, kids playground, field for road regulations studying.

The school №141 can hold 900 students. It has 30 modern classrooms equipped with multimedia facilities, computerized library with internet access, laboratories for physics, biology, chemistry lessons, 7 IT laboratories, 2 lingaphone classes, assembly hall with operator room, concert hall, modern gym, combined small gym and dancing class equipped with necessary sports facilities. The school also has modern stadium with running tracks, court (athletics field for playing sports: volleyball, basketball, tennis) and two athletics fields with fitness facilities.

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