WIZZ AIR to connect Kyiv with Hannover and Wroclaw
This autumn Wizz Air airlines will open two new flights from Kyiv. October, 31 Kyiv-Hannover flight will be available, and on November, 1 Kyiv-Wroclaw flights will be performed. Flights to Hannover will run every Monday and Friday, planes to Wroclaw will fly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The tickets can be bought on
KYIV-BUCHAREST flight is available this fall
September, 2 'Dniproavia' airlines launches flights Kyiv-Bucharest. They will be carried out regularly, four times a week. The plane will depart from Kyiv at 2:40p.m and arrives in Bucharest at 4:20p.m. The plane leaves Bucharest at 5:00p.m and arrives in Kyiv at 6:40p.m. The roundtrip ticket costs UAH 5,200. The flights will be performed on Embraer 145
UKRAINIANS' interest to domestic vacation has been growing
Google Ukrainian office has collected and analyzed all the requests on summer vacations for the last few months. Among 10 most popular tourist destinations, often searched online, six ones are located in Ukraine. The rating includes: 1. Turkey2. Carpathians3. Bulgaria4. Berdiansk (Zaporizhzhia Oblast)5. Odesa6. Zatoka (Odesa Oblast)7. Kyrylivka (Zaporizhzhia Oblast)8. Egypt9. The Sea of ​​Azov10. Georgia The office analysts also checked TOP-destinations that have been looked for by online users more and more for the latest period
Modern BIOPARK opens in Odesa Oblast
Along Tyraspol highway (Odesa Oblast) Biopark, 9,5 hectares, opened. The visitors can found there Bengal tiger, African lion, Ussuri tigers, kangaroos, white lion, meerkats, African spurred tortoise, lemurs, gibbons, chimpanzees, hamadryas, Gracile capuchin monkeys, alpacas, ponies, dwarf sheep, Himalayan bear, Nasua, Canadian wolf, silvery gibbon and the only in Ukraine reticulated giraffe
One of two world's dead lakes can be found in Ukraine
Syvash, a unique pink lake, is located in Kherson Oblast (not far from Hryhorivka illage). The water color is caused by the presence of Dunaliella Salina (a type of halophile green micro-algae especially found in sea salt fields; it is known for its antioxidant activity because of its ability to create large amount of carotenoids)
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