1. NSC Olimpiyskiy (Olimpiyskiy Stadium)

This stadium hosted EURO-2012 final match, when Spain secured its champion title due to its 4-0 victory over Italy.

The stadium was designed to host Olympic Games in 1980.

It was reconstructed before EURO-2014.

2. Dynamo football club

Kyiv football club won 12 national championship and two UEFA Cups.

Dynamo football club won over Barcelona football club with 4-0 and 3-0 score.

3. World famous people

Kazimir Malevich, Ihor Sikorsky (helicopter constructor), Max Levchin (creator of PayPal international payments system), Milla Jovovich (movie star), Zino Davidoff (Davidoff brand). All these people were born in Kyiv.

4. Chicken Kyiv cutlet

It is the main dish of every Kyiv citizen in postwar period. Chicken Kyiv cutlet is cooked from chicken breast, piece of butter and breadcrumbs. Many gourmands are just in love with Chicken Kyiv cutlet taste.

5. 'Vechirniy Kyiv' sweets

They cannot best Belgium and Swiss chocolate, but their taste and quality is definitely better than Italian and French chocolate.

6. Kyiv cake

Over the last 50 years Kyiv cake is the best present brought from Kyiv.

7. Andriyivskiy Descent

It is the most popular place in Kyiv to buy souvenirs. Ancient buildings, monuments, museums, paving stone always attract both locals and tourists. Very often Kyiv guides call it Montmartre of Kyiv.

8. Lavra bell tower

It is the biggest church of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and one of the highest buildings in Kyvi. Its height is about 9.5 m, one can see it even in 25-30km distance outside of the city

9. Kyiv chestnut trees

Legend Kyiv trees are always in blossom in the end of May, the best season to visit Kyiv.

10. Arsenalna subway station

It is one of the deepest subway stations in the world. It was opened in 1960. Its depth is 105 m underground.

11. Pyrogiv Museum

This open air museum shows folk Ukrainian architecture and lifestyle. It includes collection of national cultural pieces from all regions of Ukraine: churches, buildings, windmills tipical for Ukrainian villages.

12. The biggest city in Europe

It is considered that in XI century Kyiv was the biggest city in Europe, even bigger than Paris. Orthodox religion started to spread from Kyiv (not from Moscow which was founded 100 years after).

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