1. Odesa: clubs, beach parties, delicious and diverse cuisine

You can swim and sunbath on Dolphine, Arcadia and Langeron beaches.

In the evening it is good to have walk along the Sea Port, Potemkin stairs, go to Opera and have dinner in one of the local restaurants.

2. Skadovsk and Zalizniy Port (Kherson region) is the best place to relax with kids and friends

Skadovsk with its shallow and warm sea waters is perfect for vacations with kids.

Zalizniy Port is good for vacations with friends.

It offers a great number of night clubs and entertainments but sea is colder.


3. Vinnytsya region: eco-tourism and dancing fountains

There is no better place for quiet and relaxed vacations than Gubnyk, Kanava or Garmaky village. There you can easily forget about busy urban life and just fully enjoy unity with nature. You can stay in comfortable cabanas or in real mud huts. Every day you can drink newly drawn milk, ride horses, make BBQ, admire nature and open air, rest in hammock or hayloft.


4. Lviv is the city of romance and coffee magnetism

Lviv is marvelous in every season. You can spend both short weekend and weekly vacation there. It is incredible to enjoy view from City Hall, go up to the Castle Mountain, drink a cup of coffee in small street café, walk city’s narrow streets and just feel the atmosphere of Austro-Hungarian Empire city.


5. Kamianets-Podilskiy (Khmelnytskyi region) is a place of living history

The beauty of this city is in its deep history. More than 200 most important historical and architectural objects are located there. The most important is Medieval Castle. The landmark of the city is Castle Bridge and Fortress.

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