Donetsk’s former name is Yuzovka, named after the city founder English businessman John Hughes.

Nowadays Donetsk is a powerful industrial center of Ukraine. Last year it was branded as 'The City of Million Roses'. However, the city is prominent not just for its economic power.

1. Forged Figures Park
This is unique park not just for Ukraine, but for the whole Europe. It was created due to the annual International Smithcraft Festival held right there. The most impressive masterworks are forged arches alley, sweetheart bench, star signs alley, forged traditional Ukrainian arbor, fairy tales characters’ alley.

2. FC Shakhtar Museum
It is the biggest football museum in Ukraine. The museum exhibition reflects the complete history of Ukrainian football. The exhibit showcase 23m long Wall of Fame, cups, photos of Shakhtar players. The visitors can also attend cinema hall to watch themed movies.

3. Museum of History of Donetsk Railway
The museum opened 11 years ago. The visitors can see both modern trains and saloon wagon of 1898 and steam locomotive of 1909. The museum showcase represents all stages of railway development for the last 130 years. The museum is included into the rail heritage conservation Fund of the New Europe.

4. Ball Fountain
It is located in front of the stadium Donbass Arena. It claims to be included into the Guinness Book. It is manufactured of granite by Germans. The ball with the Donbass FC 'Shakhtar' logo weighs 30 tons and is rotated by water pressure.

5. Mertsalov Palm
This unusual metal plant is made by Donetsk blacksmiths from a piece of Donbas rails of 19th century. The palm is still a part of the Donetsk region emblem. It was awarded with Grand Prix at International Industrial Exhibition Award in Paris in 1900.

6. Botanic Garden
Donetsk Botanic Garden is one of the largest gardens in Europe. It was founded in 1964 under the Research Institute. The garden collection includes more than 8,000 plants.

7. Tsar Cannon
Tsar Cannon, located in Donetsk, is a replica of the Moscow monument made of bronze in 15th century. It was cast by Izhevsk masters as a present to Donetsk and a symbol of friendship between two cities.

8. Shcherbakov Park
The park history starts in the 19th century. The park has many sculptures, monuments, attractions. One of the most famous park monuments is 'Kind Angel of Peace', a golden figure of an angel with a dove in his hands, the international symbol of philanthropy.

9. Slagheap
Slagheap is a kind of artificial mountains. Donetsk was built around the mines and slagheap is a kind of byproduct from coal and ore mining. Nowadays the city has about 130 slagheaps.

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