'We have been arranging this exhibition for 20 years already. It was initiated in France and then we started to hold Salons in other cities. Debut of Ukraine is the most remarkable event of the current exhibition', commented Francois Jaton, the founder of organizer of Salon du Chocolat exhibition.

ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation has become the first Ukrainian company to exhibit its products at the largest and most prestigious exhibition in Switzerland. Ukrainian corporation has presented 20 types of chocolate in the following categories: dark milk chocolate, extra milk chocolate, bitter chocolate, extra black chocolate, brute. Every stand attendant could try chocolate and evaluate it in test-zone. More than 2000 people tried Roshen chocolate during 3 days of exhibition.

Rolf Mürner, confectioner, the winner of the world cooking championship and master of Swisspastrydesign confectionery design school, was pleasantly surprised with Ukrainian chocolate, 'I think that extra milk chocolate Classic with caramelized walnuts is just amazing. I don’t see any quality difference with Swiss chocolate. And the most popular 56% black chocolate has very unique taste. I was impressed! I have never tried anything like this either in Switzerland or in France'.

More than 50 confectionery companies from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and other countries presented their products at Salon du Chocolat exhibition. Above 16,000 sweets lovers visited Zurich for this exhibition.

Roshen is confectionery corporation and one of the biggest confectionary producers in the world. It is in top-20 of TOP-100 Candy Industry. Roshen produces more than 320 different products of perfect quality: chocolate and jelly candies, caramel, chocolate, cookies, waffles, biscuits and cakes. Total annual production volume is 450 000 tons. Roshen products are exported to 30 countries. It is presented as Bonbonetti on European market.


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