The capital of Ukraine hosts the first historical Peace Summit


July 4-5, 2014 Kyiv hosts the first Peace Summit devoted to the role of civil society and local governments in ensuring success of decentralization of public administration in Ukraine.

Peace Summit is to:

• Demonstrate methods of involvement and participation of civil society in the process of decentralization.
• Develop a model of decentralized management system based on experience, knowledge and ideas of the summit participants.
• Work out a strategy to attract civilian community in the implementation of the decentralization process at the local level and training (development of skills and abilities) personnel for the implementation of decentralization mechanisms in place.
• Provide a chance to get personal experience on friendly cooperation and coordination of interests of different stakeholders and cultures - including facilitators from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and USA.

The format of Peace Summit 2014:

● All 250 participants of the Summit will be actively involved in the debate at one table to find ways of solving urgent problems of the country.
● This cooperation between the authorities, local governments, business and civil society will be intensified and assissted by professional facilitators from Ukraine, USA, Russia and the EU who have been working with target groups during or after armed conflict.
● Dialogues and working sessions will be organized in small and large groups where all participants will have an opportunity to express their ideas and participate in creating a vision and grounds for implementing the decentralization process. It will be a model of space allowing people to involve in the process of making decisions in partnership with local authorities.

Planned outcomes:

● Recommendations for changes/invariability to the Constitution of Ukraine to ensure responsible decentralization of public administration system at the level of regions and local communities.
● Determination of strategic issues and trends of economic growth for the prosperity of the whole society.
● Prioritizing common values ​​and interests for a united Ukraine.
● Creating a clear and transparent practice of interaction and management.

Venue - hotel 'Hilton', Kyiv

The event is organized by:

NGO 'ICA - Ukraine' (Institute for Cultural Relations - Ukraine)
Ukrainian Association of Local Self-Governments 'Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils'
Charitable Foundation 'Faith, Hope, Love'
NGO 'Association of business trainers, consultants and coaches of Ukraine'
NGO 'Ukrainian Coordinating Council of Maidan'
The State Foundation for Local Self-Government in Ukraine

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