'The Great Gatsby Ballet' is returning to Kyiv


After a successful European tour 'The Great Gatsby Ballet' will be shown in Kyiv. The show is planned for March,31. The venue is National Palace of Arts 'Ukraina'.
The Great Gatsby Ballet is a show combining several arts such as classical ballet, modern dance and cinema.

The performance based on the novel by American writer Francis Fitzgerald has caused a furore in Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Geneva and other cities. While touring 16,000 viewers saw the ballet, more than 700 journalists from the world media attended the show, and 50 world's promoters sent offers on cooperation.

'The Great Gatsby Ballet' troupe consists of the world's ballet stars because the show soloists dance on the main theater stages, including the Mariinsky Theatre.
Clifford Williams (leading man) is the brightest member of the legendary dance brand Complexions Contemporary Ballet.

Denis Matvienko (lead actor and art director) is a famous Ukrainian dancer, the only winner of four International Ballet Grand Prix Competition.
Dwight Roden, choreographer, is the most in demand choreographer of our time (on the New York Times version), he works with Cirque du Soleil, Prince, U2 and Lenny Kravitz.

'The Great Gatsby Ballet' is the first Ukrainian ballet project of the international level.
The show starts at 7p.m.

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