Talent of Ukrainians

Odesa engineer invents a portable multifunctional oven
Maksym Nakonechnyi from Odesa, 26, has developed a portable oven Neoven that can be connected to several removable modules such as a miniature microwave, fridge, kettle and mixer.The first oven was tested by the developers themselves: they warmed up business lunches, cooled cheesecakes and made smoothie with the mixer
The whole world sees famous pink lakes of Ukraine
Yevgeny Samuchenko, a Odessa photo artist, represented Ukraine at Sony World Photo Awards international photo contest, 'Professional category'. In particular, Yevgeny showed a series of photos "At the Pink Planet" captured on the salt lakes, Pink and Lemurian, located in Kherson Oblast.This year the competition exhibited 135,000 photos from 163 countries
The Ukrainian pianist wins Grammy Music Award
The Ukrainian pianist Nadiya Shpachenko has won the Grammy Music Award. Her album 'The Poetry of Places' was awarded in 'The Best Classic Compendium' nomination.Nadiya Shpachenko is a music professor at the California State University of Pomona. In the U.S. she is famous as a lively contributor and performer of modern music
Uzhhorod chocolatier makes Christmas chocolate sculpture (photo)
Valentyn Shtefanyo, the Ukrainian famous confectioner and chocolatier, presented his new sweet masterpiece showing Santa's fairytale sleigh and reindeer.The sculpture called 'Holidays are coming' is made of white, black and milk chocolate
Baker from Ukraine to compete for Canada's best pastry chef
Nataliia Shevchenko, 33 y.o. from Edmonton became a participant of 'The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3' broadcast by CBC TV-channel. The woman calls her baking style as an exquisite Eastern European. Her highlight meal is 'Medovik', 'This honey cake a rare treat in Canada and once people try it, it becomes their favourite cake'.The competition starts on September,18
Kherson scientists grow pearls for the first time in Ukraine
Scientists of Kherson State Agrarian University have succeeded in growing pearls for the first time in Ukraine. About 30 shellfish were put into a biofilter with a closed cycle of water supply machine. In four or five months they found about 200 pearls in the shells. The diameter of the white and purple pearls was 1,5-2 millimeters.The part of the pearls will be handed over to the university's museum, some of them will be studied on the quality and speed of layer growth