Success of ukrainians

The hurdy-gurdy musical model raises record funds at Kickstarter (video)
A 3D puzzle made by 'UGears' company specializing in interesting 3D pink puzzles production has raised $135,000 instead of 15,000. The world's first mechanical musical model of the hurdy-gurdy turned out to be a successful project at Kickstarter crowdfounding platform. The model is a real musical instrument that one can easily play. The hurdy-gurdy puzzle is the company's fourth project raised on Kickstarter
Shop with made in Ukraine products opens in Gorzów
In the Polish city of Gorzów (where several thousands of Ukrainians live and work) the first store with Ukrainian products opened. Here you can buy halva, chocolate sweets 'Evening Kyiv', dumplings with meat, dried fish for beer, tomato paste that is one of the main ingridients for cooking real Ukrainian borsch. Poles, Belarusians and Russians also like made in Ukraine products. The price of goods is also attractive
How a former ARCHITECT starts making porcelain flowers for DIOR
In the former Soviet Union Volodymyr Kanevskyi worked as an architect. However, in the late '80s he moved to New York. As his skills were not in demand he started looking for a job. Thus, Volodymyr began making porcelain flowers (botany - is one of the man's hobbiesr). The flowers were easier to sell than sculptures the man had planned to make at first. His works became more and more popular. Famous designers and wealthy collectors began to buy his porcelain flowers
Culinary diplomacy in Chicago - 'TRYZUB UKRAINIAN KITCHEN' RESTAURANT
'Ukrainian borshch, pork hamburgers, colored dumplings with various fillings, potato pies, croquette, goulash, roast pork, pancakes, crepes - a nice modern four-storey building of 'Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen' restaurant located on the southwest corner of Chicago Avenue and Leavitt Street can be see afar. Entered inside you realize that you find yourself in a Ukrainian museum: old exhibits telling the history of important events of Ukraine, the Holodomor of 1932-33 years; huge carved chest, artifacts from the 13th century and Cossack times
Buckwheat sweets, KNOW-HOW from SUMY journalist
Oksana Martymianova from Sumy invented sweets from buckwheat. For a long time the woman was looking for an original recipe of sweets that can help foreigners to 'taste' Ukraine. 'Once I thought of buckwheat. Buckwheat is 100% Ukrainian product. It is not very common in the world, Ukraine is the only country where this product is used in such volumes', Oksana says. The woman began to experiment. First, she cooked truffles, added some chocolate, 'Once I was told about a recipe of porridge with buckwheat, milk and fried onions
'Stars and Poppy Seeds' is available in Chinese
The book 'Stars and Poppy Seeds' authored by Romana Romanyshyn and Andrii Lesiv, art workshop 'Agrafka', is translated into Chinese. 6,000 copies have been published by 'Petrel Publishing House'. This is the seventh foreign language the book has been translated. 'Stars and Poppy Seeds' has been already published in England, France, Spain, South Korea, Latvia and Slovenia