Success of ukrainians

GAPCHINSKA brand stationery can be bought in Italy
The largest networks of Italian supermarkets Coop and Esselunga will sell GAPCHINSKA brand stationery.As the art licensing branding studio Art Nation informs the stores will sell buy backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils, 'The Italians liked the main message of the brand that is 'Supplier of Happiness №1' and its values ​​- happiness, goodness, love, tenderness, dreams, care'.The negotiations between the studio and Italian partners from Cartiere Paolo Pigna s.p.a. lasted for two years
Odesa handmade Teddy Bear takes gold at Munster festival
Alla Kotlyar from Odesa received GOLDEN GEORGE, the most prestigious trophy for bear masters at the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL festival. The figure of a white bear from 'The Gold Compass' by Iorek Byrnison won gold in the category 'Figure or sculpture, inspired by the bear, distinctly differing from classic bears and creative interpretations of the teddy bear, no restriction in the choice of materials and manufacturing technology'. It is interesting that this is Alla's second victory at the prestigious TEDDYBÄR TOTAL festival
Yana Vlasyuk to compete for ''Mrs. USA' title
26-year-old Yana Vlasyuk won 'Mrs. Pennsylvania' title. Totally, 15 girls participated in the pageant. The contestants are judged in three categories: Evening Gown, Swimsuit and Interview.This June the girl will compete for 'Mrs. USA' title. If Yana wins, she will represent America at the final stage of 'Mrs. Globe' to be held in China.Yana Vlasyuk is living in the USA for two years and working for a charitable organization
59-year-old Alla Rohozina to face Schwarzkopf
59-year-old Alla Rohozina from the city of Lutsk was offered to work with the world-known international cosmetics brand Schwarzkopf. Ukrainian people know Alla due to her bright and stylish images that can not be overlooked. In general, the woman has been working as a model for a year.Photo: Facebook
Kharkiv mathematician gets the Wolf Prize
64-year-old Vladimir Drinfeld from Kharkiv, currently working at the Chicago University, and his colleague, Alexander Beilinson, the prestigious Wolf Prize for Mathematics 'for their groundbreaking work in algebraic geometry, representation theory and mathematical physics'.Before emigrating to the USA in 1999, Vladimir worked at the Physics and Technical Institute of Low Temperatures in Kharkiv
Meat, fruit or sweet - bouquets you can eat
Halyna Bondar from Vinnytsia makes unique bouquets of meat and fruit. The girl was interested in carving six months ago only when she saw this technique in Internet.As Halyna says meat compositions are mostly ordered for men but women prefer fruit or sweets bouquets. There are also 'dietetic' compositions bouquets. 'The price of fruit bouquets starts from 600 UAH, meat ones are more expensive (the cheapest is 1000 UAH). It takes several hours to make the composition', Halyna says. The bouquet weighs about 2 kg, the tenability is one day