Success of ukrainians

Meat, fruit or sweet - bouquets you can eat
Halyna Bondar from Vinnytsia makes unique bouquets of meat and fruit. The girl was interested in carving six months ago only when she saw this technique in Internet.As Halyna says meat compositions are mostly ordered for men but women prefer fruit or sweets bouquets. There are also 'dietetic' compositions bouquets. 'The price of fruit bouquets starts from 600 UAH, meat ones are more expensive (the cheapest is 1000 UAH). It takes several hours to make the composition', Halyna says. The bouquet weighs about 2 kg, the tenability is one day
6 million users downloaded InkHunter tattoo application
24-year-old Oleksandra Rohachova from Kolomyia is CEO and Co-Founder of an American startup with 6 million users. Since 2016 the girl has been living in New York. Being a child Oleksandra was fond of mathematics and puzzles, took part in school competitions, and was interested in computer science in high school. Having received the certificate, the girl had a choice between mechanics and mathematics and the faculty of computer sciences
Odesa musician wins the prize at Prague Composition Competition
Anna Stoyanova, graduate student of Nezhdanova Odesa National Musical Academy, won a special prize at the 8th International Antonin Dvořák Composition Competition held in Prague. The international jury awarded Anna for the best musical composition created on the motives of Antonin Dvořák's music. The contest was attended by 24 best young composers from 16 countries
The hurdy-gurdy musical model raises record funds at Kickstarter (video)
A 3D puzzle made by 'UGears' company specializing in interesting 3D pink puzzles production has raised $135,000 instead of 15,000. The world's first mechanical musical model of the hurdy-gurdy turned out to be a successful project at Kickstarter crowdfounding platform. The model is a real musical instrument that one can easily play. The hurdy-gurdy puzzle is the company's fourth project raised on Kickstarter
Shop with made in Ukraine products opens in Gorzów
In the Polish city of Gorzów (where several thousands of Ukrainians live and work) the first store with Ukrainian products opened. Here you can buy halva, chocolate sweets 'Evening Kyiv', dumplings with meat, dried fish for beer, tomato paste that is one of the main ingridients for cooking real Ukrainian borsch. Poles, Belarusians and Russians also like made in Ukraine products. The price of goods is also attractive
How a former ARCHITECT starts making porcelain flowers for DIOR
In the former Soviet Union Volodymyr Kanevskyi worked as an architect. However, in the late '80s he moved to New York. As his skills were not in demand he started looking for a job. Thus, Volodymyr began making porcelain flowers (botany - is one of the man's hobbiesr). The flowers were easier to sell than sculptures the man had planned to make at first. His works became more and more popular. Famous designers and wealthy collectors began to buy his porcelain flowers