Soul of Ukrainians

Ukrainian costumes get prize at the Berlin Carnival of Cultures
Ukrainian costumes have been awarded a prize at the Carnival of Cultures-2019 held in Berlin. 'We have been looking for the costumes by addressig collectors, designers, both here and in Ukraine', Katerina Ritz-Rakul, kul'tura group founder and event organizer, shares. Overall, 74 groups, 4,400 professional artists and amateurs, and 50 cars took part in the Carnival. Around 1 million people witnessed the colorful event
A new Ukrainian cuisine spot in Lviv offers black varenyks and borshch served in cabbage
The restaurant of modern Ukrainian cuisine 'Kanapa' opened in Lviv (the restaurant was founded by the famous Kyiv restaurateur Dmytro Borisov who has 'Kanapa' in the capital of Ukraine and Warsaw). The guests can choose one of 3 floors, 8 halls, a cozy terrace and a private bubble courtyard. The menu highlights are the following dishes: - borsch in cabbage with pork ears, prunes, dried pears and donuts;- black varenyks (dumplings) with pikeperch and smoked bacon and herring sauce;- pate of pheasant liver;- rabbit hawk with horseradish
Taste, spirit and talents of Ukraine at Sharja Heritage Days Festival (photo)
Petrykivka painting, Kosiv ceramics, embroidered clothes and tapestries, delicious national cuisine - Ukraine amazes visitors of  the 17th Annual Sharja Heritage Days Festival. At the Ukrainian booth the guests can see and buy handmade items of masters on pysanaka (Easter egg) painting, artistic leather processing, wreath weaving, national costumes and accessories designers, and taste delicious varenyks (dumplings) as well. As a part of cultural program, the attendants could see stunning performances of H.Veryovka Ukrainian National
Ukrainian village is turned into air open art space
Bus stops, fences, houses, village council building and schools - the village of Samchyky (Khmelnytska Oblast) is successfully implementing the first stage of the art project 'New Life of Samchyky painting'.Samchyky painting, a decorative art born in south-eastern Volyn, is being revived actively thanks to folk artists and UA MAZE art initiative. The main elements of the painting are birds, a tree of life, plant ornament
Ukrainian folk art was shown in Ashgabat
The Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan hosted an exhibition of works of Ukrainian folk arts and crafts.The visitors could to see author's dolls, towels, embroidered clothes, tablecloths, items decorated in Petrykivka painting
'Sincere. Holidays': 15 Ukrainian celebrities join an ethnic photo charitable project
TV presenters,  actresses, singers, ballet dancers and other Ukrainian celebrities took part in the shooting for the charity calendar 'Sincere. Holidays' featuring traditional clothes and Ukrainian holidays.The story of 'Sincere' began in 2014 when 15 Ukrainian stars took part in shooting in Ukrainian national costumes