Soul of Ukrainians

Ukrainian village is turned into air open art space
Bus stops, fences, houses, village council building and schools - the village of Samchyky (Khmelnytska Oblast) is successfully implementing the first stage of the art project 'New Life of Samchyky painting'.Samchyky painting, a decorative art born in south-eastern Volyn, is being revived actively thanks to folk artists and UA MAZE art initiative. The main elements of the painting are birds, a tree of life, plant ornament
Ukrainian folk art was shown in Ashgabat
The Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan hosted an exhibition of works of Ukrainian folk arts and crafts.The visitors could to see author's dolls, towels, embroidered clothes, tablecloths, items decorated in Petrykivka painting
'Sincere. Holidays': 15 Ukrainian celebrities join an ethnic photo charitable project
TV presenters,  actresses, singers, ballet dancers and other Ukrainian celebrities took part in the shooting for the charity calendar 'Sincere. Holidays' featuring traditional clothes and Ukrainian holidays.The story of 'Sincere' began in 2014 when 15 Ukrainian stars took part in shooting in Ukrainian national costumes
Ukrainian embroidery decorates gates of the Roman Academy
Svitlana Pasirska, who is currently studying at the Roman Academy of Fine Arts (faculty 'Clothing Fashion and Design'), decorated the institution's gate with an ornament in cross-stitch embroidery technology. Once the girl studied embroidery at the Kosiv School of Applied and Decorative Arts at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. 'Now I am a representative of Ukrainian culture abroad, so every opportunity to demonstrate nature of Ukrainians is quite important to me', Svitlana said. The gate decoration took the girl one week (8 hours per
One more mural decorates Ivano-Frankivsk building (video)
One of Ivano-Frankivsk high-rise block is decorated with a mural 'Hutsulka' (Hutsuls are an ethno-cultural group of Ukrainians inhabiting the Carpathians, mainly in Ukraine and in the northern extremity of Romania).The mural authors are Yurii and Marta Pitchuk.'Embroidery is a spiritual symbol of the Ukrainian people. The chicken the Hutsulka holding symbolizes fertility', the artists explained
Welcome to 'Ukrainian wedding' exposition
October 13, the exhibition 'Ukrainian wedding' opened at the National Sanctuary Complex 'Sophia of Kyiv'(Zaborovsky Gate)