Cornstarch-made packages are tested in Dnipro
'Novis' plant located in Dnipro made cornstarch packages that can be decomposed within 90 days and composted at home. The packages are certified to "OK compost HOME" standards.The new eco packages are already being tested in the local retail chains
The monument to Anna of Kyiv to be opened in Krakow
November 19, the solemn opening ceremony of the monument to Anna Yaroslavna, Princess of Kievan Rus, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, and Queen of France (1051-1060) will take place in Krakow (the inner courtyard of the Wielkopolski Palace).The monument will final series of projects aimed at strengthening and developing Kyiv-Krakow relations
Ukrainian book enters TOP-3 most beautiful worldwide
The cognitive book-picture 'This is how I see' by the art workshop 'Agrafka' was awarded a bronze medal at 'The most beautiful books from all over the world' competition initiated by the German Foundation 'Art of the Book'. The award ceremony took place in Lucerne, Switzerland.It is worth reminding that last year, the book 'This is how I see' also won the 2018 Bologna Ragazzi Award in 'Non Fiction' category
WOG gas stations to offer more premium coffee beverages to its customers
WOG has started installing new modern FRANKE A1000 premium-class coffee machines at its gas stations. The first phase of the project has been completed. Thus, 10 FRANKE A1000 interactive coffee machines are installed at Ukraine's five most visited gas stations. As of now, 'Izyumskaya', 'ZAGS (registry office)' and 'Dnipro quay 16-B' gas stations in Kyiv have two working coffee machines each
WOG raises $56,000 for ‘Road to Heart’ charity project preschedule
WOG company together with the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, 'Your Foothold' charity foundation (БФ "Твоя опора") and famous Ukrainian TV host Masha Efrosinina announced the results of the 'Road to Heart that Creates Miracles...' charity project and its prescheduled finish.The project’s goal was to raise UAH 1,330,000 for the purchase of a medical ultrasound scanner with a set of modern sensors for Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery
Made in Ukraine: tales telling bedclothes for your babies
Maiia and Kyrylo Proskurnia from Donetsk have founded KAYKA brand offering bedclothes made of 100% cotton reproducing animal voices and fairy tales. The couple having two children decided to create 'talkative' bed linen because from their own experience they know how much time parents need to make their babies asleep. The bedclothes is made of hypoallergenic and wear-resistant material. How to make the bedclothes to 'talk': - install the scanner program on the smartphone and run it;- bring the smartphone camera to a QR-code of