All year round street food fest starts in Kyiv
All year round Khreshchatyk Food Fest started working in Kyiv (16-22 Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Street).At the moment, there are about 10 kiosks with French, Mexican and American meals
Ukrainian borshch can enter the UNESCO world heritage
The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine supported the initiative of the Ukrainian Association of Suppliers of Trade Networks to make Ukrainian borshch as the UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List object. As Oleksiy Doroshenko, Director of the Association, says the organization will contact Ukraine's most famous chefs to find out a classic borshch recipe. The deadline for submitting the application to the UN is February 1, 2019. It takes a year and a half the UNESCO committee to consider the application
The book telling about the famine in Ukraine gets the Gelbert Prize
Anne Applebum, the Pulitzer Prize winner, received the Gelber Prize for her book 'Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine'.'Famines, then and now, are never the result of natural causes only; they are also the result of deliberate choices that leaders make. This is a magnificent book about a globally important issue that everyone should read', Janice Stein, the prize jury chairman, said.The Lionel Gelber Prize was founded in 1989 by Canadian diplomat Lionel Gelber
New Year 2018 at Sophia Square: locations and attractions
New Year and Christmas celebrations under project 'New Year 2018 at Sophia Square' will begin on December,19 and run until January,14. The large-scale festive event will cover three major locations:- Sophia Square (the country's main New Year tree decorated with thousands of lanterns that lit in different colors every day);- Michael Square (children's roundabout, snowstorm, the Ferris wheel, Kinder-zone and St.Nicholas' Residence); - Volodymyrsky passage (Folk FM radio station where Ukrainian artists will
The first Ukrainian girl to compete for Miss Top of the World Plus Size title
A 28-years-old Victoria Shchelko will first introduce Ukraine at the International beauty contest Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2017.The girl has graduated from five higher education institutions and serves as a police lieutenant in Kyiv law enforcement agencies.The international beauty contest Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2017 will be held in Singapore on November, 8-13. The contestants will defile in swimsuits, sing and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in intellectual competitions
Ukrainians in USA to publish a magazine to form Ukraine's positive image in the world
October 4, the English-language magazine 'The Ukrainian: Life And Culture' to form Ukraine's positive image worldwide will be presented in Kyiv. The magazine is published by the American nonprofit organization 'Ukrainian Cultural Initiatives' (Arlington, VA). Ukrainians in the USA, artist-designer Oleksii Chekal, journalists, art experts and literary critics from Ukraine are engaged in the project