Uzhgorod invites to Gingerbread Festival
December 14-16, the Zakarpattia traditional gingerbread festival will take place in Uzhgorod.The venue is the historical and cultural center 'Sovyne Hnizdo'.Free entrance
More than 120 tons of fruits to be used at Kyiv citrus festival
December 21, Kyiv to host Ukraine's first 'Citrus Festival'. Oranges and lemons will be used to build houses of Harry Potter, Rapunzel, Aladin, Robin Hood, Count Dracula and other fairy-tale and mythical characters. The height of wach building will reach 3-5 m. Over 120 tons of fruit will be spent on creating locations.In addition, the entrance with citrus arches, citrus Christmas tree, ice exhibits, Citrus Santa's Residence and New Year's wish post can be seen at Spivoche Pole (Pechersk Landscape Park).The festival will run until January,7
Memorial to Holodomor victims unveils in Toronto
The Memorial to Holodomor victims unveils in Toronto. The sculptural composition can be found on the territory of the Exhibition Square. In the center of the memorial there is a sculpture 'The Bitter Memory of Childhood' by Ukrainian artist Petro Drozdovskyi.The solemn ceremony was attended by Mayor John Tory, Canadian Foreign Minister Christine Freeland, and First Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv
Ukraine-themed fresco to appear inside of a Kyiv subway station
Within the framework of 'MORE THAN US' project 8 artists from around the world will create a fresco inside 'Osokorki' subway station. The work will be devoted to Ukraine, the internal strength of the Ukrainian people, cultural values, etc. The artists will work until the end of November. Apollo Tores (Brazil) and Matthew Dawn (Belgium) have already started working on their fresco parts
All year round street food fest starts in Kyiv
All year round Khreshchatyk Food Fest started working in Kyiv (16-22 Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Street).At the moment, there are about 10 kiosks with French, Mexican and American meals
Ukrainian borshch can enter the UNESCO world heritage
The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine supported the initiative of the Ukrainian Association of Suppliers of Trade Networks to make Ukrainian borshch as the UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List object. As Oleksiy Doroshenko, Director of the Association, says the organization will contact Ukraine's most famous chefs to find out a classic borshch recipe. The deadline for submitting the application to the UN is February 1, 2019. It takes a year and a half the UNESCO committee to consider the application