See Odesa sights for 30 minutes


Guests of Odesa may see local attractions by travelling around the city by electric cars. Electric car capacity is 12 people. The excursion route includes:

- The Monument to Duke de Richelieu
- Funicular
- Prymorskyi Boulevard
- Potemkin Stairs
- Hotel 'London'
- Palace of Sailors (former palace of the Countess Naryshkina)
- Monument to Alexander Pushkin
- Pushka
- Dumska Square
- City Hall (Odesa Exchange)
- Archaeological Museum
- Laocoon
- Museum of Literature
- Garden of Sculpture
- English Club (Maritime Museum)
- Opera House
- Derybasivska street
- Richelieu Lyceum
- City Garden (13th chair, musical fountain, tree of love)
- Passage
- The Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
- House of Scientists (home of Count Tolstoy MM)
- Stolyarskiy School 
- Monument to the founders of Odessa
- Wall House
- Vorontsov Palace
- Kolonnada

Excursion duration is 30 min. The tours are conducted at 10 a.m - 6 p.m (seven days a week ).





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