A cultural and art campaign 'Samchykivsky Painting is a new pearl of Podilia' is conducted in Kyiv Hetman Museum from September, 28 until October, 11.

Samchykivsky Painting is a folk decorative painting to apply on walls, furniture, dishware in South-Eastern Volyn region.
In 60's of XX century a group of craftsmen who revived a folk decorative painting started working in Samchyky village (Khmelnytskyi Oblast).
Oleksandr Pazhymskiy replicated folk paintings, studied coloristics, selected paints, and later enriched traditional wall painting with genre drawings: Cossacks, beautiful girls, magic flowers, birds and life scenes. The paintings absorbed new sense and gave the birth to a new style of art, Samchykivsky painting.
The headline of the painting is plants (poppies, Adonis, dogbane, sunflowers, spikelets, snowball tree, bell flowers). Some elements of animal world (horses, pigeons, geese and other birds) and humans (Cossacks and young girls) can be also seen in the paintings.
Very often artists use symbolically-rendered elements (like in Pysanka) – sheep horns, chicken toes, curls, crosses, starts, first, stripes.
The most popular and favourite motif is 'vason', a symbol of world tree.

On September 28, at campaign inauguration Victor Rakovksiy gave a free open workshop on Samchykivsky painting.

The campaign last until October, 30 and visit Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and Zhytomyr.

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