Ratings and achievements

Kyiv restaurant among the 50 Best Pizzerias in Europe
A well-known travel portal Big 7 Travel has released the 50 Best Pizzas in Europe 2020 list. 'Positano' restaurant (Kyiv) ranked 23rd and became the only Ukrainian restaurant included in the list. Big 7 Travel experts took into account the menu, atmosphere and service, presentation, location and availability, online presence, reviews of critics and guests, as well as the opinion and experience of the editors. 'Positano' restaurant opened in 2016. Here pizza is cooked in the Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven
Kyiv cinema is among Europe's Best Art house Cinemas
Travel guide 'Spotted by Locals' has placed 'Zhovten' cinema located in Kyiv in Europe's Best Art House Cinemas rating. The authors write, 'The cinema offers a great selection of festival movies, arthouse and short films. Our Kyiv Spotter Alex’s favorite is a short films night – when they show short movies all night long. The cinema also hosts an international movie festival called Molodist which is popular among arty people'.Overall, 59 art house cinemas from different European cities entered the list
Kyiv enters the 50 most Instagrammable Places in the World 2020
Kyiv is ranked 33rd in the 50 Most Instagrammable Places in the World 2020. The rank was published by the global tourist portal Big 7 Travel.The number of Instagram hashtags of the capital of Ukraine reached 19 million.The 10 most Instagrammable places in the world are the following: Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Lisbon, Bali, London and Jaipur
WOG Cafe wins two Private Label-2019 Business Award Nominations
According to the official press-release, WOG CAFÉ (WOG company’s affiliated brand) won two Private Label-2019 National Awards nominations. The award ceremony was held at the 11th All-Ukrainian Private Label-2019 Practical Conference: Retailer and Supplier Synergy Formula
Kyiv coffee shop enters TOP-50 best cafes in the world
'One Love Coffee' in Kyiv ranked 28th in TOP-50 Best Cafes in the World. Big 7 travel magazine made the rating based on the reviews of readers and editors. 'One Love Coffee' can be found in four places in the capital of Ukraine
Kyiv restaurant 'Positano' enters 50 TOP pizzeria
Restaurant 'Positano' in Kyiv ranked 30th in 50 TOP Pizza list.The world's best pizzerias were listed on several criteria such as pizza quality, service, interior, bar and wine list.It is worth adding 'Positano' is the only Ukrainian restaurant entered 50 TOP Pizza li