Pumpkin seeds to be exported to EU from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast


Thanks to Slovak investors 'Agro Valley SK' Ltd., a company to grow pumpkin seeds and export to the EU, started working in the village of Bashmachka (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast). Now the project covers 300 hectares of pumpkin with the prospect to be expanded to 1,000 hectares in 2017.

At present 20 people (Ukrainian specialists) work at the company, the job number is going to be increased to 50.

The building materials and specialized equipment (processors, hopper, washing machine, dryer table and various types of conveyors) are made in Ukraine (Kakhovka experimental mechanical plant).

Overall, €1 million was invested in the company, one more €1 million will be contributed during 2017-2018 years.

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