Public and culture figures of Ukraine and Austria to meet at Viennese Ball

This October Kyiv will host a charity Viennese Ball, the funds raised will be spent on the ATO-veterans' rehabilitation program and development of the city's Center for disabled children rehabilitation.

Maryna Ihnatusha, CEO of the group of companies BrandBerg, the event organizer, 'We decided to prove that Kyiv has all facilities and conditions to organize the event on all its rules and etiquette demands'.

As Mr.Herman Makarenko, Ukraine's only holder of 'UNESCO Artist for Peace' title, the chairman of the organizing committee, says the ball will be participated by public and cultural figures of Austria and Ukraine

Kyiv's Ball will be held under support of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO, municipalities of Vienna and Kyiv.

Viennese Ball is held in many capitals, for instance, Prague, New York, Rome, Tokyo, Istanbul, Brussels, Hong Kong and others. The program has not been changed for nearly one hundred years. It is always opened by debutants, the girls from anywhere in the world aged 16 to 23 years. Their dress code is white dress and crown. Young debutants are selected by the authoritative competition committee on several criteria: etiquette knowledge, frequent English and waltz skills.

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