Krolovets rushnyk is one of the symbols of Sumy Oblast.

For the first time Krolevets rushnyk was mentioned in 1610. In 1851 the city of Krolevets hosted the first fabrics trade show (there is a belief that Taras Shevchenko ordered his wedding rushnyks there). In 12 years 208 weavers were already working in the city. In 1939 Krolevets rushnyk was awarded golden medal in Paris exhibition.

Olena Petrova is one of the best weaving experts from Krovets, 'There were times when 70% of locals had a weaving loom and sometimes even five of them. Since early age kids learnt weaving – at school, at home. Once a week kids had a field trip to local factory and where weavers shared their experience'. For nearly 30 years Olena has been sharing her own experience with students of Krovets Weaving Technical School.

Olena still has a weaving loom, 'It is considered that three crafts – pottery, embroidery and weaving – can transfer God’s energy in their moves'.

According to the functions rushnyks are divided into several groups – religious (to put on icon), shoulder, decorating, wiping (for hands and face), gift. The wedding rushnyk is handed over from one generation to another. After newlyweds step on it, rushnyk cannot be ever washed, 'The dustier Krolevets rushnyk the more beautiful it is. It is must be stored face down to preserve the energy'.

Before starting her work Olena always prays to fill the work with positive energy.

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