PJSC 'Agricultural company Berezan Poultry Plant' (Sadove village, Kyiv oblast) is one of the leading egg producers in Ukraine. All factory’s production processes are completely automatically operated and modernized that guarantees high quality products acknowledged by ISO certificate, and makes all products competitive both in Ukraine, and Georgia, Armenia, UAE and African countries.

The Poultry Plant holds 1.2 million chickens. Special conditions are created for high productivity: temperature and humidity are systematically recorded, modern computerized microclimate monitoring system allows to record each index alterations. The other environmental factors affecting productivity are food, light regime, layer density, possibility to move etc.

The young and adult birds are fed with food rich in proteins, minerals, amino acids. Berezan Poultry Plant uses just high quality food without any artificial additives.

All eggs are graded, marked, packed and stored in dry, clean warehouse with special temperature and humidity level. Packing and transportation means comply with sanitary norms preserving eggs sellable condition during the transportation. Strict sanitation and epidemiological regime excludes any infections in the production facilities and in final product.

Sanitary passages, air conditioning and ventilation systems, sanitary control and special uniform are the main requirement for each of 300 employees working at the plant.

Eggs recycling provides stable demand and sales in case of overproduction. Dry and liquid egg products are used for producing sauces, semi-finished products, bakery and pasta. However, recycled products are identical with eggs on their taste and nutrition qualities.

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