November 18-22, 2014 28 famous Polish journalists (TVP and Polsat channels, Jedynka, TOK FM and Radio Zet stations, Wyborcza, Sport.pl, Polityka and Newsweek stations) and social activists will join peace race commemorated to Maidan anniversary.

They will run from Warsaw to Kyiv at day and night at any weather conditions. Four teams which will change each other during the four day race will finish at Maidan on November, 21 (approximately at 12:00pm Kyiv time). All volunteers from Kyiv are welcomed to join the race finish. The race distance is about 800km.

The race organizer is Media Foundation; the project partners are PZU, Kulczyk Investment and Poradnika handlowca publishing house.

The race mastermind and organizer, the journalist Piotr Pacewicz, explains the initiative, 'It is hard to see like Europe and even Poland forget about Ukraine. We will run to Kyiv to express our gratitude for Maidan and to say NO to war. We want to say loudly that 'inter arma musae NON silent', that art, namely running art, cannot be silent when the war is on. The run must be an argument, it is our passion, joy and everyday dose of liberty'.

The exhibition show and money raising for Ukrainian soldiers and affected families to take place on November, 16 at Agricol stadium, Warsaw.

Last year Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv turned into the center of big changes. From the first days of Kyiv protests the Poles initiated solidarity campaigns in their cities, and many of them participated in events in Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and other Ukrainian cities. The Poles keep on supporting Ukrainians now: they send humanitarian assistance to ATO zone, provide medical care to injured, initiate campaigns to support Ukraine, Biegiem na Majdan (Run to Maidan) is one of them.

For event details and program amendments, please go to the event FB-page. Contact person is Yulia Lashchuk (yulia.lashchuk@gmail.com +48788042031).

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