October 4, 2014 'Peace and Unity' Rally will be held in Kyiv. The Rally participants will gather a unique 'recipe' to unite Ukrainians and bring back peace to the country. The event organizers consider this campaign to be the first step to refocus Ukrainians from war to peace.

'During the year Ukraine has been in war. People are so much involved in it that they have become dependent on it; they do see danger and enemies everywhere. One of the main preconditions for the war are false stereotypes about Ukrainians living in different regions. Our mass media also play a significant role as they very often use 'bad' language deepening so called 'differences' between Ukrainians, creating hatred and disparagement.

Peace and Unity Rally aims to launch the process of these stereotypes destroying by means of establishing effective communication and focusing on common wealth of the country. Peace in Ukraine is not in the hands of the President, the Government or Verkhovna Rada. Ukraine’s peaceful feature is in the hands of usual Ukrainians', Andriy Lapenyuk, the event initiator, mentions.

The rally starts at 3:00 p.m near the Central Department Store, goes along Khreschatyk str., Independence Square (Maidan), European Square and finishes near the People’s Friendship Arch where the concert starts at 4:00 p.m. After the concert the big flashmob is planned. The flashmob participants, namely, circus actors, equilibrists and stunts will make 'live' word PEACE. The figure will be 10 m high, and 24 m wide.

During the rally its participants will gather 'recipes of unity', peaceful messages containing advices and recommendations for nation unity and consolidation.

The rally participants meet at 2:00 p.m near the Central Department Store.

The preferable dress code is vyshyvanka, yellow and blue clothes and items with Ukrainian symbols (ribbons, balloons).

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