Pavlo Virsky dance ensemble concert

May, 18 the National Palace of Arts 'Ukraine' invites to the concert of Pavlo Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble.
More than 100 strongest, passionate, full of life and incredible energy, cheerful and well trained dancers will give the audience an unforgettable evening.

Everyone who will attend  the concert will receive unique impressions from looking at bright and expressive movements, virtuoso jumps, lightning spins and matchless changes the dance dynamics, from melancholy to euphoria.

The ensemble repertoire is based on ancient and modern dances from different regions of Ukraine. The indicative feature of the ensemble is widely reflected contemporary themes and creative use of folk dance heritage. Thanks to the high level of professional skill the ensemble has gained wide popularity in many countries. Ukrainian choreographic art is applauded worldwide.

The ensemble has visited more than 60 countries, including Vietnam, Korea, China, Cuba, Austria, England, Canada, USA, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Andorra, Japan and others where they always honorably demonstrated achievements of national culture and contributed to the world culture development.
The start is at 7p.m.

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