Champagneria X&X opened in Lviv. X&X is the place to offer champaign of different taste and colour, local and foreign (Spanish, French, Italian, Georgian) producers. Total selection includes 21 types of champaign. Price for a glass varies from UAH 14 to 30.

The Champagneria doesn’t have any bar or bartender, drinks are opened and served by waiters.

'We’ve decided to offer new traditions. Champaign is a favourite drink for many people, that’s why every guest can get something he likes. Our guests can order strawberries or a piece of jamon. Our target is to please every guests, for this purpose we have even a very strange combination of champaign and hotdogs', explains a brand manager Olena Vynohradska.

X&X offers a great variety of hotdogs (truffle hotdog, New Yorker, Smokey, Cheese Dog, Corn Dog and others) for UAH 32 and khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry) for about UAH 60. The average bill is about UAH 60.

The food is cooked on the open air so guests can watch the cooking process and participate in cooking workshop.

The Champagneria is open until 2.00 a.m

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