Myroniv winter wheat 808 is seeded on more than 11% of world territory


Ukrainian plant breeder Vasyl Remeslo revolutionized winter wheat selection and in 1968 Myroniv selection and wheat plant was founded in Kyiv region.

Applying new selection method Mr. Remeslo developed the whole range of new winter hardy and high efficiency winter wheat grades of intensive type. The most valuable and popular grade is 'Myroniv 808'. This wheat is grown in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and other countries.

Later as a result of pre-selection the scientist received new winter hardy, high efficiency winter wheat grades with shorten strong stalk 'Myroniv Jubilee 50' and 'Illichivka'. The potential crop of these grades is 75 centers and more per hectare.

Myroniv grades are grown on more than 11% of world fields. No other country of the world can show such a result.

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