'Music of Dignity' concert takes place in Kyiv


April,2, 16 best Ukrainian musicians are going to perform within 'Music of Dignity' project in Kyiv. The singers will present cover versions to Ukrainian heroic songs, popular in the times of rebel movements. All songs will be recorded and brought to all units of Ukraine.

'To win this terrible war we need both modern equipment, ammunition and music that can inspire our soldiers and fill them with faith. While touring around nearly all military units in the east of Ukraine with 'From the country in Ukraine' festival we were faced with a real problem, that is lack of Ukrainian music there. That was why I decided to solve it. Record of cover versions of Ukrainian heroics performed by Ukrainian singers is one of the ways', Denis Bloschynskyy, 'Music of Dignity' festival organizer says.

The festival agenda also includes a contest among unknown authors and their songs dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers (best 20 songs will be listed in the next CD). The project initiators also plan to issue a CD, songwriter with chords and notes of heroic and patriotic songs for distribution in schools, ATO-zone and military units.

All proceeds from ticket sale will be donated to the wounded and injured soldiers being treated in the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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