Munich award went to a Ukrainian student


At the 33rd Munich international festival of student films 'Balazher. Adjustment of reality' ('Balazher. Die Korrekturen der Wirklichkeit'), the work made by Lesya Kordonets (native of Berehove village, Transcarpathian region) Lesia Kordonets,  got an award as the 'Best Documentary'.

Used an ordinary bus the girl managed to show the history of the remote border region in Europe (Balazher village, Berehove district) and utopian expectations of the socialist state.

Lesya plans to show the film at Krakow film festival, howeverm she needs some votes for participation. Following the link one can watch the trailer and give his voice. Voting is available until April 10.

At present Lesya Kordonets is studying at the Zurich Institute of Arts.

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