Bioengineering keeps regenerating bones and tissue loss of the wounded
'Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded' project helped Oleksandr, a volunteer who participated in ATO, to save his leg and give a chance to keep an active lifestyle and go in for sports.Lately he has got the plate from the restored bone removed (he was wearing the plate for one and a half year while his bone was gaining solidness). He will have to use crutches for some period of time to allow his bone to adjust to workload and add some strength. Still in general, this makes the grand finale of his recuperation
Ukrainian surgeons are the first to perform an extraordinary operation
Surgeons of the Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery in Kyiv conducted a unique operation to remove a brain tumor. As Volodymyr Rosumenko, the institute surgeon, says the tumor pressed on the patient's nerve endings that could lead to paralysis. It made the surgery very difficult. At first the doctors created a computer model of the tumor to see its location and the brain part it hurts. Such a model gives an opportunity to remove the tumor with an accuracy of half a millimeter
UKRAINIAN CANADIANS donate expensive equipment to the children's hospital
Under SickKids Hospital cooperation Ukrainian Canadians donated modern equipment to the sum of Hr 10 million to Lviv city children's hospital neurosurgery department. Apparatus to determine the depth of anesthesia, special microscope to improve microsurgical interventions, special ultrasound machine specifically designed for operations in brain and spinal cord can help conduct complex surgery more accurately and thoroughly, and organize the whole process more effective. The equipment has already helped to save two children
Kharkiv hospital to provide better medical examination
Kharkiv regional hospital bought a 128-slice CT scanner that will provide a better examination of organs and vessels as well. The computer tomography examination will be free for patients having a doctor's appointment. The equipment costs 26 million UAH
UKRAINIAN biologists invent cure for cancer in Antarctica
During research expedition in Antarctica Ukrainian scientists managed to invent a cure for cancer. As Valerii Lytvynov, Director of National Antarctic Centre, says the microorganisms have incredible сharacteristics, 'The biologists invented a cure based on Antarctic organisms that live there in extreme conditions and have unique characteristic. The cure can help to heal cancer of stage 4'. The Institute of Biology of Taras Shevchenko University has received a license for the cure called 'Milove'
NEW neonatal center of European level opens in Dnipro
In Dnipro a new neonatal center of European level opened. In the regional center babies born prematurely or those who have a low body weight are nursed. As Denys Surkov, the head department, says there was a complete reconstruction of the children's city hospital where on four floors there are departments of anesthesiology and intensive care for newborns (12 beds) with its own modern surgery block, department for premature and sick newborns (40 beds) and rehabilitation department for 20 beds