Khust-Filts factory hats are very famous outside of Ukraine. The company owns both production facilities and the museum of hats, exhibition of world fashionable hats and modern hats items.

The company always hosts visitors from all Ukrainian regions and fashionistas who can buy the most elegant brand hat for the factory price, without any retail margins.

According to the company director Mr. Lupyak almost all Ukrainian politicians bought their hats at Khust-Filts. Famous artists, showmen, anchormen, spiritual leaders are often factory guests.

At the moment Khust-Filts Ltd factory of felt headwear is the only Ukrainian producer of high-class felt and the most powerful company in Europe. Among the factory customers are Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Italia etc.

The model range is being updated every year. About a month, 72 technological operations and four workshops are spent to design a new model. Each thing is unique; there are no similar hats, indeed.

As 60% of buyers are women designers place special emphasis not just on shape and model but also on trimming. This factory is the only Ukraine’s factory to produce hats for Ukrainian police women and women of border patrol. Cowboy hats, hunting hats, fishing hats, cylinder hats an retro hats are very popular among Ukrainian fashionistas.

Recently the factory started producing souvenir Western Ukrainian hats called 'krysani' decorated with a feather and embroidered ribbon.


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