Made in Ukraine: tales telling bedclothes for your babies


Maiia and Kyrylo Proskurnia from Donetsk have founded KAYKA brand offering bedclothes made of 100% cotton reproducing animal voices and fairy tales.
The couple having two children decided to create 'talkative' bed linen because from their own experience they know how much time parents need to make their babies asleep.
The bedclothes is made of hypoallergenic and wear-resistant material.
How to make the bedclothes to 'talk':

- install the scanner program on the smartphone and run it;
- bring the smartphone camera to a QR-code of the picture;
- the code is automatically recognized - a sound or fairy tale, encrypted in the QR code, will appear on the screen of the mobile phone and start playing.
There are 32 animals on the blankets. Besides, tales in Ukrainian and Russian, stories in English language are also available.

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