Made by Ukrainians: cardiomo to save human life


Ukrainians have invented Cardiomo, portable device enabling to monitor the user's health and warn him about the disease.

The device can prevent the user from development of dozens of diseases, such as: coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke, and help to avoid fatal consequences. It binds to the body under the heart zone with the help of glue electrodes and monitors the vital health indicators: electrocardiogram, body temperature, lung work and heart rate. All data from the sensor is transmitted to the "cloud" service that analyzes the information and signals to relatives or physicians about changes in the patient's health. Cardiomo also monitors exercises, the day schedule, recommends time and place for walks and reminisces about taking medications. 

Currently, 250 users are testing the device.

The device serial production is scheduled for May 2018. It is known that Cardiomo has been ordered by 2,000 people from different continents.

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