This year M.Gryshko National Botanical Garden in Kyiv turned 80 years old.

In 1935 Volodymyr Lypskyi drafted a detailed scientific plan of botanic garden. Before World War II the botanic garden exposed above 2000 plants.

After the war big botanic areas such as Ukrainian Carpathians, Ukrainian Prairies, Crimea, Altai, Western Siberia, Caucasus were created under auspices of Mykola Gryshko, the first director of the botanic garden. Later nursery, fruit and berry and decorative flowers exhibition appeared. The expositions have different stories of how they were collected: some plants were bought (for example the first 20 pieces of azalea were bought in Germany), some were brought from expeditions and trips, some of them were given as gifts from other botanic gardens. Greenhouses and laboratories were built for scientific researches.

For now a huge park covers 129 Hectares, runs 2 km along the Dnipro river and counts more than 14000 plants brought from different parts of our planet.

Later the park opened Seasons garden and other thematic areas such as Korean Garden, Red Yard, Tybet Garden, Stone garden.


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