October,17-19 Lviv welcomes chocolate lovers. VII National Chocolate Festival offers the following activities:

1. Visiting the biggest chocolate fair.

2. Traveling around 'Children’s Chocolate Country' with chocolate buildings, rail and trees.

3. Making personal railway car; a real chocolate railway will operate at the festival and anyone will be able to make its one railway car. Every car can be loaded with nuts, raisins, cookies and other treats.

4. Buying hand-made chocolate candles.

5. Sending original art postcards 'From Lviv with Love'.

6. Watching Lviv famous monuments created from chocolate.

7. Checking your time by chocolate watch, having chocolate wedding and learning how to cook tasty chocolate desserts.

8. Visiting Exclusive Fashion ShoKo Show from Ukrainian designers.

9. Participating in the III Confectioner Championship for amateurs 'Home confectioner'.

10. Undergoing a chocolate therapy course by enjoying different chocolate sweets.

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