Kyiv becomes closer to Israeli tourists


The old train station Jaffa, Tel Aviv Municipality and 'Dan Panorama Hotel Tel-Aviv' hotel welcomed guests of 'Kyiv Days in Tel Aviv' event held on December, 15-16.

A two-day event program included: a meeting between representatives of Kyiv and Tel Aviv official delegations, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel Hennadii Nadolenko; presentation of Kyiv on 'Smart City' and 'Tourism', art fair of Ukrainian artists and craftsmen (Petrykivka painting, toys, gifts, jewelry, paintings, mosaics, embroidery), national cuisine presentation, workshop involving Ukrainian and Israeli tour operators (representatives of about 30 companies attended the seminar), concert with Go-A folk band performance; tourist booth 'Kyiv is the city where everything starts', and the photo exhibition 'Kyiv is an ancient and new capital of Ukraine'.

'In fact, our city is interesting for Israeli tourists. Kyiv is competitive among other European cities because it offers quite cheap weekends and plenty of pleasant emotions. It was particularly pleased to hear that many Ukrainians live in Israel, they speak Ukrainian, know about current events in Ukraine, sympathize and rejoice with us, and wish us all the best', Anton Taranenko, the head of the Kyiv City State Administration Tourism Unit, comments.

'Kyiv Days in Tel Aviv' was initiated and organized by the Kyiv City State Administration Tourism Unit supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel and the Municipality of Tel Aviv.

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