A new kind of kiwi suitable for cultivating in Ukraine was bred in Zakarpattya Oblast. The kiwi bushes look like grape plants, but they are easier to keep and bear fruits every year as resistible to freezing.

'Kiwi gives fruits on the third year after planting. It blossoms in the end of May - beginning of summer, that's why, unlike traditional for this region apples, apricots and peaches, it is protected from freezing and bears fruits every year. It bears fruits for decades', Henric Straton, the breeder, tells.

One kiwi bush bears 25kg of fruits per season, and, keeping it high, it can bear even 60kg of fruits.

'The fruits can be stored in fruit boxes and cold and high humid place until the next spring. Kiwi can be used for jams, vine, but it is the best to eat it fresh as it has twice the vitamin C than lemon'.

The breeder plans to register kiwi variety "Carpathian Kiwi Stratona val. Valentine". He has already planted a trial lot of 11 bushes on the northern field of Plant Varieties Expertise Institute (Sumy region).

'Hopefully in 10-25 years Ukraine will have its own kiwi plantations and will be able to export kiwi fruits'.

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