Kherson farmer grows the world's most expensive spice


Oleh Demchenko from the village of Liubymivka, Kherson Oblast, grows neither cucumbers, nor potatoes and nor tomatoes, but saffron. In summer, the man planted bulbs and in autumn (October-November) he saw flower growing on the field (they bloom for 10-15 days only). Five hundredths hectares gave the farmer 250 grams of red stigmas.

There was the Ukrainian-Swedish couple where Oleg bought the plants (the couple was the first to bring exotic bulbs to the village and start an unusual business). 1 kg of plants cost 4.5 euros. However, the income from the spice is worth of investments.

'Saffron crocus can help Ukrainian villages to survive. In Ukraine 1 gram of spices costs $5, its price is doubled on the world market. One can earn about 30 000-60 000 Hr by planting a small land plot and investing little efforts and time (350 work hours)', Oleh adds.

Only 300 tons of saffron are grown worldwide, mainly, in Iran and Afghanistan. Now Kherson Oblast in the row too.

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