March 5, a new Kharkiv city guide with updated information in English was presented at the session of Tourist Board under Mayor of Kharkiv. The city guide contains foldout maps of different city neighborhoods.

The delegates of International Relations Department informed about Kharkiv business city guide-book being developed.

During the session it was suggested to launch a school of city guides, 'This idea is very essential, promising and necessary. We should understand that city guide is not just someone who loves his city, but the one who can tell about it professionally. Unfortunately, previous city guide training system is lost. I think we can try our best to train new people who want to dedicate their time to this profession. We need to make effort as our city constantly changes and grows; there is a lot of historical information which is not available for public', Oleksandr Ponikarovskiy, Deputy Head of International Relations Department, comments.

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