Julia Melnyk wins Hollywood makeup artists contest


Julia Melnyk, a Ukrainian makeup artist, won 'The Next Level of Cosplay Scholarship Competition', the prestigious international contest of makeup artists, organized by the Hollywood Cinema Makeup School.

The organisers were inspired by the image of White Walker, 'Game of Thrones' film. As the makeup artist says she created the image of 'creative resourses and second-hand items'.

Julia has been engaged in make-up for 7 years, 'After seeing the American show Face Off I fell in love with makeup art and started looking for schools to study. However, this industry in Ukraine is poorly developed (I studied by watching YouTube video). I want to be a part of the film industry, that is developing in Ukraine, and use the knowledge and skills got at the Hollywood school here', the winner says.

First time in the contest's history, the makeup artist wins both by fan voting and judges' opinion.

Julia will be given a $15,000 grant to study at the Hollywood Cinema Makeup School.

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