George Soros, Nelson Mandela, Steven Spielberg, Dalai Lama, Muhammad Ali, Bill Gates, Plácido Domingo, Paul McCartney, Steve Wozniak – they are all included into TOP 100 Living Genius listed by newspaper Daily Telegraph. The list also features an artist and the founder of a new art technique 'pliontanism' Ivan Marchuk born in Ternopil oblat (the only representative of Ukraine).

Ivan Marchuk was born in Moskalivka village (Ternopil oblast). The painter started drawing when he was a kid, a little boy created his first drawing on the pieces of paper secretly taken from his father's bag.

He studied at Lviv Applied Art University, Ornamental Painting Department. The painter researched the world’s art movements, used to make experiments and invented his own style called 'pliontanism' (from dialectal Ukrainian pliontaty that means to knit, intertwine: his paintings look like as knitted from threads).

The artist divides his creative activity into 5 periods: 'The Voice Of My Soul', 'Blooming', 'Landscapes', 'Portraits' and 'Abstractions'. The works of each period differs in style and painting technique.

Until 1988 the National Union Of Artists refused to recognize his works officially, though at that time he had already had more than 15 expositions in diferent cities of USSR. In the end of 1980s he emigrated to Australia and then to Canada and USA. In 2011 he returned to Ukraine, 'I see the beauty everywhere and I want to recreate it. It's hard to find more beautiful places elsewhere in the world'.

In October 2007 Ivan Marchuk was included into TOP 100 Living Genius. The ranking was drawn up taking into consideration such factors as the role in the ideology system change, social recognition, power of mind, achievements and cultural importance. International Academy of Contemporary Art in Rome accepted him in the Golden Guildship and Distinguished Fellow of the Academy Board (the Golden Guildship is represented by 51 painters from different countries).

Commemorating the artist’s 80th birthday 2016 at Ternopil oblast is announced as the year of Ivan Marchuk. According to Hryhoriy Shergey, the Head of the Department of Culture of Ternopil Oblast, they will submit a petition to the Administration of the President of Ukraine on giving a title of the Hero of Ukraine to Ivan Marchuk, and arranging his personal exhibition in the Mystetskiy Arsenal in Kyiv as well.

Ivan Marchuk’s FB-page.

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